Gigabyte Posts A Bang On The Notebook Market

Gigabyte has always been producing some quality computer parts for the different manufacturers of laptops. But this time around they are themselves bringing out a stylish power packed laptop for professional use. It is whole new package and it is a new area of operation for them. If they succeed then we will see a new competitor in the laptop market. The latest Gigabyte P2532N is a new multimedia notebook which has impressive features even though it is having a fairly high price range. But when carefully look at the components that have been installed in them you will probably have a measure of why the cost is so high. The exterior display is attractive even though it is a classic black with a silver tone.

The name of brand is written in chrome at the upper part of the center. The interior is also black with brushed metal and it lacks some stylish designs there. But overall the appearance is perfect. The 15.4 inch width is slightly wider than normal and weighing 5.8 pounds it is lot heavier than the normal laptops that are found in similar component structure. But still this medium weight notebook is easy to carry from one place to another. The keyboard is really great where there is an island design with flat topped keys and spacing is provided between the keys. All in all it is easy to type about 52 words per minute with2 percent error rate. It is comparatively better than the average. The touchpad is also perfect and responsive and therefore not much problem is faced. The 15.6 inch glossy display screen provides HD quality display up to 1920x1080resoultion.

No matter how good you find the other laptops are this one gives probably the best quality images. The dual channel stereo speakers also produces crisp and clear sound without having any disturbance in between. So listening to audio is a wonderful experience on this notebook. The real power of this monster lies in its CPU. The 2 GHz quad core Intel i7 processor with 8 GB RAM gives the best output possible when coming to the performance and operations on the laptop. The 750 GB hard disk does not take much time to boot up the Windows 7 64 bit OS. The battery life is also comparatively long which stretches over 4 hours and 30 minutes on an average. All these above specifications give a real good platform on which this laptop can have a fair share of public interest in recent future.