Go For A Drive On Range Rover Evoque SD4

The Range Rover Evoque SD4 promises to be the next sensation amongst cars because of its stylish looks and remarkable features. It is a small SUV and looks pretty impressive.It is a bit expensive as well as the price of the car is considerably high. There are special features within the car like the Terrain Response which organizes the car’s hardware and software according to the terrain in which the person is driving. The heavy load of the car is well managed as one drives up the slope of any location with the help of the useful hill descent control system. The car is well adept to rough surfaces, which is a very important positive feature of it. The Dynamic feature within the car stiffens up the Magneride adjustable dampers.

The engine barely creates a sound when it starts and works quite effortlessly throughout. However the car’s 6-speed auto gearbox may not seem to be that efficient.  Nevertheless, the car’s handling does a superb job and you can feel the ease at which the car runs round the corners. The power of the car is 187 bhp at 3500 rpm and the torque is 42.8 kgm at 2000 rpm. But both of these do not create any problem for the four litre cylinder diesel engine and works as noiselessly as the way it had started. There is one characteristic which may make it a bit different from the normal SUVs. This is the absence of a spare wheel which is acceptable because of the fact that the wheels are very large and it is not so easy to accommodate them.

A first look at the interior part of the Evoque may not make it seem much like a Range Rover. Because over the years the Range Rovers are known for their seats that are placed at a high position so that you may have a wonderful look of the outside from the car making use of the lowly placed windows within the car. This feature is missing in this car and you will have to sit a lot lower than in case of the normal Range Rover.But once you have a seat inside the car you may feel flattered by the classy interiors which clearly have a luxurious outlook. There is enough space inside the car to make one feel comfortable. Finally it may be concluded that the excellently built Evoque is a favourite to conquer the markets although the high price tag may make it a bit difficult for this SUV.