Good Bye iPad

It has been a while since apple i pad has been selling like hot cakes. No doubt, it has been a sought after gadget for the youngsters. But, youngsters have decided that its time, to say goodbye to it! Once your best friend, many youngsters are planning to ditch their best buddy. There was a time, when it was trustable, always there for you, and different. But, now, its like just another gadget out there, with no exclusivity!

We tell you reasons why Apple iPad is soon becoming the thing of the past!

Its battery always points to ‘low’ : ‘’ Whenever I wish to operate my i pad, and run to get it, the screen points out, battery low. ‘’ You don’t need to tell us, that the same happened with you as well. Cause we already know! Now, if you are going to act like this, it’ll do you no good, dear i-pad!

When i need to browse the net, my smart phone is more convenient to use:

Whenever i need to ideally  browse the internet, my Smartphone is always next to me, and my first priority to use the net. So, the i-pad, here too, is left behind.

I-player can be watched on my TV!

A good use of the iPad is watching iPlayer wherever you want to, even in bed. No wonder, I’ve been using it for the same. But then, I also have a TV in my room, which is connected to the internet.  So that ways, I can watch iPlayer on a bigger screen and it  doesn’t even require me to hold it! Result : The i-pad loses, yet again!

I can read on my Kindle, instead!

Coming straight to the point, I-pad does only a few things, while there are other gadgets which do, 10 more things instead! Although, we respect the i-pad and its functions, but come on, we need to be practical!

My Kindle, is a great e-reader, and it doesn’t even hurt my eyes, and I can take it wherever I want to, given the fact, that it doesn’t weigh much! So, whenever I want to read, I’d rather prefer Kindle.

The end of our friendship-me and my I-pad :

So, well, does it all mean, that this is the end, of my friendship with my ‘once upon a time’ great buddy. It hurts to say, but may be , yes!