Google Accuses Microsoft of “Hostile Organized Campaign”

War between the three most powerful technology companies in the world seems to be warming up for a big fight. Microsoft, apple and Google have been having spats regarding patent rights for quite some time now. As per the latest news, the companies have gone for it again, with renewed vigor. Bitter rivalry has existed between Google and Microsoft and the first time it came to light was in 2005 when Microsoft sued Google for hiring one of its employees.

In the latest development of the war, apple, Microsoft and some other companies have been accused of initiating a “hostile organized campaign” by Google, claiming that android is being made the target. Android is the toughest competitor to apple and rim mobiles and as per the latest figures, android phones are the largest selling smart phones in the market as of now. The astronomical rise of Samsung, with a growth percentage of over 350% has been attributed to the company’s adaptation to android operating system for its smart phones.

As per latest news, the one of contention between Google and the other companies is a Canadian telecom company that has gone bankrupt and is selling off in parts. The three companies, Microsoft, Apple and RIM, together made a bid for the company for $4.5 billion. The amount was paid in cash. Google lost out on the bid and this seems to the cause behind the new accusation.

Following the lose of the bid, David Drummond, the Chief Legal Officer posted a tweet on the micro blogging platform accusing the other three companies, with Microsoft in the lead, of foul play. He tweeted that Microsoft influenced the other companies to pitch in on the deal in order to prevent Google to win the bid. His strong tweet said that it was a strategy to bring down Android sales. He also said that the three companies should try to match up to Android by making new devices with better features and not through such litigations.

In retaliation, Frank Shaw, the communications chief of Microsoft, posted a tweet that displayed an email that was sent to Google asking it to join the consortium. The mail showed that Kent Walker, the general counsel of Google refused the offer and decided that it would bid on its own. Brad Smith, the general counsel of Microsoft, had received the email from Google declining the offer. He posted a tweet showing surprise at Google’s reaction since an offer to join the consortium was sent to Google. The rivalry between the two companies seems to have hit a major high.