Google accuses Oracle of delaying tactics

Google accuses Oracle of delaying tactics as the latter wants to drag the name of Google into a bigger controversy than the one that Google is now facing.  The said lawsuit is about the Java patent violations in the Android mobile OS, which included some pages of the website

Google claims that countless pages were relevant in providing marketing and technical information for Oracle Java products, which are allegedly practicing the asserted patents and copyrights.

Early on to the case, Oracle already provided an electronic production that included some of the websites’ materials.  However, the said files got corrupted so none of the two parties involve could access the document presented.

Near the beginning of April, Oracles claims that they are already trying to reproduce the website.  However, oracle can not produce the website up to now.  It alarmed Google since the sun website got taken down months ago, along with some of the documents needed in the case.

Google may be alluding to examples of high-profile Sun officials approving Android and considering it as a positive thing for Java.  This information is one of files that Google want to access.  It can be remembered that while oracle bought Java, they also acquire Sun.

Oracles promise that the website would be accessible over the coming days; Google says that a court order needed to force Oracle to comply on the given date – August 15, 2011.

Oracle claims that they have worked on the website and is still working on the restoration of the website.   Oracle brags about completing a few data.  Oracle insisted that Google is aware of this, therefore, no further dispute over the data needed.

Aside from Oracle slowing the reproduction of website, Google also claims that only 43 documents provided out of the hundreds of thousands of documents that should be provided by the document custodian.

Because of the lack of the document provided Google thinks that Oracle might have deliberately hiding the other documents.

Aside from the above complaint, Google also cited of the slowness of providing some of the information that has a date of October 1996, which is supposedly on the Sun blog.

However, Google believe that it has legitimate concerns that Oracle is not capable of producing the said website on time for the lawsuit date.  The case should proceed on October 31.

Oracles filed the court case to sue Google in August 2010, saying Android violated seven Java patents. An Oracle damages expert claims that Google ‘s payable to the company  is between US$1.4 billion and $6.1 billion.  However, Judge William Alsup has ordered to lower the damage range to millions of dollars instead of billions of dollars.