Google AdSense Now AdChoices

Birth of Google AdSense

On April 23, 2003 Google announced a content-targeted advertising service known as Google AdSense. It is an advertising service which allows various publishers and advertisers to meet each other via various textual and image ads. It uses Google’s advertising program known as Google AdWords, offered to site owners who want to promote their site. The publisher’s site’s ads are placed on various websites or blogs via AdSense and when their ads are being clicked upon by the users, the website owners or blog owners get the commission from Google. This method of payment of commission is known as Pay per Click (PPC).AdSense now AdChoices

After 8 years becoming the best and effective online advertising service in the world; Google AdSense name changed to AdChoices by Google officially. Before that when we used to take mouse cursor on the “I” displaying in Google ads it says “Ads by Google” but now it says “AdChoices” on all English- language publisher’s site.  Google has not made all the changes completely like when we click on AdChoices it redirects to Google AdSense Website. Google only changed the logo in their ads not the brand name of Google AdSense.

Why Google dropped AdSense from its Ads?

Google is hiding its identity in his own ads!  Why? What’s the need to drop AdSense? Many conclusions have been brought for this change but back in March 2011 Google announced that they are changing the “I” link found in Google AdSense ads to “AdChoices”. They did it because of creating awareness about online advertising among users and the type of ads they want to see. AdChoices has not been incorporated by Google, still there is a site named of different online advertising service. Why did Google choice such name which has not been incorporated yet?

Speculations by Media

It has been in news that Google have become mass ad spammers, so they are hiding this fact by dropping their name from their ads. There has also been news that Google wanted to reboot their AdSense popularity so they changed the name to attract the attention. Google just re-branded AdSense to boost it sales.

What are the changes that have come?

Firstly the “i” used to be at the bottom inscribed in a circle but now the “i” is shown at the top and that also inscribed in a triangle. Google is still redirecting that “I” symbol to AdSense website when clicked upon.