Google+ Already Reached 20 Million’s Heart

The social network scene has become even more diversified a few weeks ago while Google has launched their brand new Google + service just on an invite only basis and just three week after, since the time of launch comScore Inc., digital marketing monitor, has estimated that Google + has now reached more than 20 million unique visitors since its debuted on June 28.

Google actually opened it to fulfill their best qualities from multiple networking communications, but eventually they have been quite successful in this case because this search giant has now successfully rolled out them into a single package. In spite of blogging, newsletters, Twitter and e-mail service this website contains some of the key features also.

Though, this website is within a little controversial issue, because some of its users are already started to say that the program here are too much difficult for them to learn, while others are starting to say that within it they are now enjoying the touch of fresh air than other polluted social networking websites such as Facebook.

Currently, it seems too much difficult for Google + to make a competition with social networking giant Facebook, which has already acquired more than 750 million visitors, because it’s is a new born website, though the statistic says that it has some potentialities to beat Facebook, so from that point Facebook is not entirely safe at the top of this mountain.

Before Facebook grew up, MySpace was the only largest social networking website, but Facebook beat this website in the year of 2008. Besides that, which are also indicating that these trends can be shifted anytime in the field of social networking.

Though, various controversies are already existing or waiting to come out, but here a million dollar question for you that can Google + beat Facebook or not?