Google+ app For iOS is Now Available for Download

If you were waiting for Apple to approve the Google+ app, then your wait is over now. Google+ is now available on your iPhone. Google has launched an iOS app for its Google+ service. This is surely a very important milestone. In today’s tech savvy world where social networking plays a major role such an app is very much needed. Last week Google+ expanded and has now reached almost 10million people.

Earlier the iPhone users had to use the web browser to access Google+ on their smartphones. But they don’t have to do it anymore. Google had launched an app for Android phone. The iOS customers had only web interface. All the features that Google had given to the Android users seem to have been given in the iPhone app. Now iPhone users can update status, check their streams and check their individual circles on their phones. Just like the Android version, iOS version lets you monitor the incoming posts from people who follow you, posts from people they follow and nearby posts from geographically proximate users. Senior Vice President, Vic Gundotra announced the app for iOS and said users can share the right stuff with just the right circle. The mobile app is also enabled with the huddle feature. Huddle feature is used to set up impromptu chat rooms with the contacts of the user. This feature has been improved as compared to the earlier version of Huddle. Now users can block unwanted invites for Huddle.
Google+ app

Now you can easily download the app and use it to access Google+ on your iPhone. This app is compatible with iOS 3.1 and higher versions. The technical requirements of this app are only satisfied by a few devices, namely: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. If you still have not received an invitation or you were not among the few lucky ones to receive an invitation during the test, then ask your friends who are there on Google+ to send you an invite. You won’t be able to get in by just downloading the app. Once you get the invite and join in you can get started with your profile. With the new app you can access your profile and update it whenever you wish on your iPhone. Since, today the number of smartphone users has increased and a number of them use iPhones, so such an app was definitely awaited. By launching this new app Google has made it easier for many of its users to access Google+.