Google Declares For Stopping Google Dictionary Service

A rumor has spread out that the search giant Google has now stopped its own Google Dictionary service, while a message has arrived on the web page of the Google dictionary by stating “Google Dictionary is no longer available, so you have to search on the official website or have to use Google Translate in order to find any kind of definition or translation.”

Before starting of the service Google has allowed its user to check definition of the words by attaching the word “define” as a prefix with it, this code has been there for a long period. There after in July 2010 Google has started this service by assigning those definitions for certain words automatically and placed the linked results above the web search place.

But the most interesting news is that this beautiful search giant has not yet detailed anything while this service was going away from its official blog or was that going away to other supported websites. Moreover this have also not be cleared while this Dictionary service was discontinued.

Regarding this purpose many people all over the world have now started to signed up on the Google’s support forum and joined to the “I need Dictionary” in order to find out what is happening exactly. Also they have already placed few questions regarding this purpose  there like “Why Google Dictionary is no longer available in the website?” or sometimes they have posted a very angry message by stating that Google Translate Service and Google Web Search Service are not enough as a replacement of the Dictionary website.

At this point it somehow looks like that Google has killed Google Dictionary Service in order to redirect the visitors towards their main websites, but there are still some who do not take this situation at all.