Google Executives Playing Double Standard

According to the latest gossip new in the tech world many of the Google Executives prevent their children from using Google Products even using computer. According to the information many of them admit their children to the Waldorf schools in Los Altos. One of the specialties of that particular school is that they do not allow their students under the 8th standard to use computer. They even instruct the parents of those students, who are below 8th standard to prevent their children from using computer at home. They allow those students to use computers after 8th grade, but even then they limit their usages.

The attitude of the Google Executives is confusing people. At one side they joined the One Laptop Per Child Foundation, abbreviated as the OLPC a few years ago and on the other side they are preventing their own children to use computers. For the information of readers, the OLPC is related to sponsoring laptops to children of the third world countries. Their goal was to help nearly two billion children of the third world countries in their study, self expression and building their career.

So the question is don’t they want their own children to explore their possibilities, to build up their successful career? Or there is any secret? Do they want to keep aside their children from Google for any specific reason? If yes then what is it?

To our surprise Google’s executive Alan Eagle has claimed that his daughter, who reads in fifth grade does not know anything about Google and his son, who is just in 8th grade just making his way slowly to learn to use the giant search engine. Now compare the fact with other facts that Google CEO Larry Page was brought up in a house, which was full of Computers and Google’s co- founder Sergey Brin had his first computer at the age of 9 and the computer was a Commodore 64. Does not that seem surprising, readers?

Besides these famous people Steve Jobs and many other persons, who are the stars in the world of technology are early users of computer too. So in that sense the attitude of the present Google executives seems to be quite insulting.