Google + Has Leaked Its Originality

Within a recent analyzed report the senior executive of Facebook has criticized that the social networking website Google + has leaked its originality, appeal as well as its users to its software developers.

With the sequence to the fact in an interview of Telegraph director of Facebook game partnerships Sean Ryan has stated “Google has emulated the entire aspect of our Facebook system, though they have the right to do, but we need to be better in any case.”

With the sequence to the entire fact Ryan has also compared both of these (Facebook and Google +) social networking website in terms of revenue and sharing model with game developers.

After that Ryan has concluded “While Facebook is currently taking near about 30 percent then Google + is taking only five percent, which is too much interesting to see, because the social networking website Google + do not have any users.”

But the matter of fun is in this regard Ryan has compared Google tactics with the McDonalds copying Starbuck just in the category of selling coffee.

Google + has currently claimed that they have not got more than 25 million users just within 2011 and they only take near about 10 months to reach their destination.

In this matter the report of Fortune has also stated that Google+’s rapid announcement at the section of game like Angry Birds and Zynga Poker have forced Facebook to take them in notice.