Google+ Has the Potential to Beat Facebook According To Developers

Developers are confident that Google+ has the potential to overtake Facebook in popularity and number of members. While the social networking platform is only available since a month, it has already amasses millions of members. Further, it is still in the testing mode and once the final version is uploaded, Google+ is expected to beat Facebook, according to developers. Appcelerator, the maker of web development tools, in collaboration with IDC undertook a survey that brought back interesting results. Among 1621 people who were questioned whether they thought Google+ could overtake Facebook, more than two-thirds of them answered positively. The main reason attributed to the response was that the other applications of Google such as maps, search and YouTube would provide a better platform when compared to Facebook.

As of now, there is a wide discrepancy among the number of Facebook users and Google+ users. While Facebook has close to 750 million users, Google+ has only 20 million users. However, considering the fact that Google+ has been on air for only a month, the numbers are significant. In addition, Google already has a huge email user base, which can effectively shift to the social networking platform. As of now, Google+ is only accepting users through invitation and is not a completely free site. The president of Appcelerator, Scott Schwarzhoff said that developers find Google+ an innovative venture and a good alternative to Facebook. By studying the sway of the market and customer demands, developers have found that Google+ has the potential to catch up Facebook. Google+ is yet to provide application programming interfaces to developers for developing. Developers are eagerly waiting to take up work from Google+ and develop programs.

According to the survey, in the upcoming year to year and a half, 72% of developers want to write programs for Google+. In contrast, the percentage of developers who are willing to write for Facebook is 11% and for Twitter is 73%. The most interesting part about the results of the survey is that respondents are prepared to write for a platform that is yet to open its doors to developers. Further, developers appear very confident that Google+ will make major inroads into Android phones, since Android is also a Google baby. Special features provided on Google+ such as different groupings and better organization of friends groups are expected to be instrumental in taking Google+ ahead of Facebook. Mobile app developers are particularly excited about Google+ since its entry into Android phones is as good as done.