Google+ has two new features

It looks as that Google+ is following the path of Facebook as Google+ introduces a new feature on their site.  The latter has added a feature that Facebook was using for a longtime now – the “ignore” and “block” options.

Ignore signifies that users is not going to see what the other person shares on his page. The new block option regulates the means a person can network with what a Google+ user is sharing.  Both intended to reduce the social media clutter on Google+.

When users choose to disregard someone, they will not notice anything that the other person posted on their own page, catch notifications about what they do on +, or even notice them on their + Circles page.

Google+ users now can ignore people in two ways.  First, with the ignore button.  Any notifications coming from that person is going to be put on the ignore list.  To activate the feature, the user can just highlight anyone they want to ignore and click on ignore.

When users want to block someone, a control that is available from Circles a user’s + profile, anywhere the ignore option emerges and from the announcement widget, that the user  detached both from Circles and extended Circles.

Blocking someone would also mean that the person who block would not see anything the blocker reveals with their Circles, and cannot make a statement on + posts a blocker makes.

To avoid hurting some feelings, the person, who got block never gets a notification that a user has blocked them.  Most of the time, they just found out, but there are times that the person, who blocks them are not that serious for them that they hardly visit the page of that user.  In this case, they never learn that they got block.

Just like Facebook did with the feature that Google+ tries to imitate, the version of Google+ has its way to unblock or un-ignore someone.  To un-ignore a user, + users can find their way to the list of unseen users under “more actions” on their + Circles page. To unblock someone, simply visit their profile and begin following them once more.

The two features introduced  two days prior to Facebook sprucing up its privacy-control features, which makes it easier to control shared items to their group and to have a quick look at what people can see.

Moreover, Facebook profile elements from music and books to addresses and phone numbers can be separately checked on or off to show to everyone.