Google Have Purchased TheDealMap- A Location Based Deals Service

Search Giant Google has purchased TheDealMap– a location based deals service, which in general quite potential to integrate into Google’s recent Deals service.

In a sentence TheDealMap can also be described as a web service which rounds up local deals by using an online map and there after spreads those into category wise.

So, by using it users can easily get the benefit of finding the deals by brand wise or city wise, though there are some existing categories also such as “Restaurants”, “Medical”, “Drugs” and “Food” etc.

The main aim behind this service TheDealMap is to offer user the right to purchase a deal coupon up to 50 percent or more off.

But, at present Google is offering beta places in a genetic region like Oakland/East Bay or New York’s MidTown. Thus, with the deals of TheDealMap customer can easily find the deal outside those region, which in a sentence it is proving much more refined sense of location.

Google is now starting to demand that with the use of TheDealMap, places around the world will become more familiar for both home and new business.

Google has also launched Groupon Now service recently, which is quite be able to provide location based deals details with time constraints as well.

By keeping the link with the fact on their blog Google has stated “We believe that this brand new service TheDealMap will provide the ideal platform for helping users to accelerate their growth as well as fulfill their mission. Our main aim behind its is to help people by saving a lots of money while they have not get great location experiences and we want to be the perfect partner of them.”

Later Google has also claimed “We believe that joining with us will help you a lot in new or unexplored areas of commerce.”

But Google has not yet give any details about while TheDealMap will exist as a service.