Google+ holds the record for being the fastest rising site

Google+ has the fastest record increasing the number of users of its site.  So far, Google+ already has 25 million users.

The numbers come from Comscore, an Internet traffic observer.  According to the Internet watcher site, Google+ reached 25 million before its first month.

Comscore notice that it took Facebook around 35 months to get 25 million visitors. It took Twitter over 30 months, and it took Myspace in excess of 20 months to reach the 25 million-user mark.

Vice president at Comscore, Andrew Lipsman say he trying to put Google+ extraordinary growth in a context by the current market leader as of now is Facebook despite the fact that it has the longest period for the site to reach 25 million.

Lipsman noted that not all the 25 million users are active users.  Some are just curious enough to see what Google+ can offer them.  It would be fascinating to find out how many people are actively using the site to communicate with their love ones.

The truth is that it is hard to overlook the impressive growth numbers, but Lipsman believe that there are also many visitors who are just curious but not yet ready to use it.

He also noted that Google+ is still in the initial trial phase. Anyone could not join Google+ without a user of the site inviting them first.

Dan Olds, an analyst for The Gabriel Consulting Group, say the numbers are remarkable, but that is because Google+ has the name of Google to back it up.

Olds also noted that the fact now reaches 25 million does not mean that it can sustain those numbers to grow bigger than Facebook.  Facebook has started when social site are not that popular to understand, and the same thing goes with Myspace.  Google+, on the other hand, had help from Google since it has the franchise name on it even though the company is not yet advertising the site.

Olds added that Facebook was the first mass market social network, and Myspace was the pioneer. Both sites were unknown and had to start from the bottom and rise.

The Comscore  takes note that the U.S. leads in Google+ visitors averaging around 6,440,000 from home and work computers (not from mobile devices). India arrives at second place with over 3,600,000 Google+ users. Both Canada and the U.K. have about than 1 million visitors and Spain enter the top 10 with more than 460,000.

According to Comscore, 63% of Google+ users are male.