Google’s Image Search Upgraded

History of Google’s image search

Google started its image search in the year 2001, at that time the total image count was about 250 millions, but as we all know about the Google’s success and popularity this figure has crossed 10 billion.

Recent upgrades
The recent upgrade which you find in Google’s image search is that, now we just have to scroll down to see the image result of the other pages, before this upgrade we have to click on the page numbers to see the results of the next page. Yet another upgrade which you observe in Google’s image search is that when you take your mouse pointer over the image it gives you a bigger preview and details about the image, but we can’t neglect the fact that all these upgrades was first initiated by the Bing, So, all the Google users must be thankful to Bing.

What’s the latest upgrade?

Google has made remarkable changes in its Image search, from now Google will automatically try to figure that you want an image search if you have not clicked on the Image search and using the web search only. This has made Google’s image search easier, faster, now you can get great search results. With this upgrade Google has showed that they will not let their competitor to take over, you can consider this as Google’s smart step.

How will this upgrade work?
When you are searching for example “miss you” in the web search, it will now show you many awesome images at the top of the search result, previously it shows about 2 or 3 image but now it will show many more image results. Google will figure out that your search has high image intentions and will start showing you more and more image results, like the search “miss you” have high image intent.

Tips on the upgraded search
If you want to make an image search, you just add image or picture with your and Google will take your search as with high image intentions and start showing you lots of image results automatically. This upgrade has made the image search much easier and fast as we all usually forgets to click on the image search and when we doesn’t get the image result, we then click on the image search, but with this upgrade your search is easier and faster.