Google Implements Verification Badges on Google+ Users

Google+, the recently launched social networking platform belonging to Google has come out with verification badges for its users. These batches intensify Google’s intention of eliminating users with fake identities so that the platform is clean and does not lead to troubles for the users. Google ha maintained from the beginning of its launch that it would not tolerate fake profiles and had even gone on to deactivate the profiles of many users without notification because the profiles were found to be fake. Although the move drew a lot of flak and the number of users of Google+ decreased, the company stood firm on its stand. The latest move has reinforced the fact that Google will not tolerate fake profiles.

Wen-Ai Yu, an employee of Google revealed that the new identification badge would be applied to all users, including celebrities. Although the badge is still taking its baby steps, all users are intended to be included in the program. However, the procedure that Google adopts to verify the real identity of the user is still a secret and will probably remain so. Nevertheless, this new launch will make users confident about adding new friends and contacts to their social networking circle. The badge is depicted in the form of tiny checked marked beside the name of the user. The checked mark indicates that the user and his profile are verified and that he is authentic. Although the advantages of social networking are many, it still remains a ticking time bomb for a lot of people who are duped by cyber bullies.

Since adopting fake names is very easy on social networking sites, many people tend to forecast false images in order to show them in a better light or with other more malicious intentions. As an alternative to this kind of social bullying, Google+ platform is very effective. However, the drawbacks of this real name approach also exist. A lot of people are of the opinion that real name approach can be a major problem to people who try to gather public opinion without wanting to reveal themselves. Politicians, political activists and social activists are classic examples of this situation. The verification badge is a disadvantage is such cases but the advantages are weightier. It is yet to be seen what repercussions the execution of this program will have on the users. Google, on the other hand, seems unconcerned about public opinion on its real name philosophy and is determined to weed out false profiles.