Google Introduces Google Music

As of now, Google Music Beta I just like Google+ since people can only avail of its service through invitation.  If no one invited you in then, you can not take advantage of the features that Google Music is offering their users.

Unlike Google+, it does not have any app to help the users out.  However, there is the HTML5 Web interface, which makes playing songs in your Google Music locker look like a snap.  It is a terrifically Google-like solution, although, sarcastically, Google creates an Android app for the service.

The service is nowhere like the Apple iCloud’s iTunes in the Cloud service Google Music lets the users stream the music coming from the cloud.  On the other hand, Apple’s service works by on-demand downloading more willingly than streaming, so there is a need to have the full audio files stocked on your device. A genuine cloud-based solution like Google Music does not need this.

If you are wondering, how could we get the Google Music Beta Web app on the iPhone.  All you have to do is just the same way that you are going to do with getting the service at any device: just enter the in your Web browser and instantly you can access a list of songs that you have been dreaming.

The first time that a friend entered the site, he  saw the Web app’s dark interface, with two column headers at the summit, Artists and Albums. On an iPad, added columns turned up, though he could have swipe over to this on the phone, —Songs, Playlists, and Genres.  When he clicks on a text entry exposed that there was a thumbnail of the album art, and clicking on a song title performed it, releasing a standard player with Play, Pause, Previous, Next, Repeat, and Shuffle icons. My test song, Calling All Cars by Sean Hayes, played flawlessly.

He could easily switch the view back to my music library or swap to another app, and the song still keeps on playing. Whenever he looks at the album’s list, the present song that is currently playing illustrated small repositioning level meters, a nifty touch. When he tries to navigate back to the main Artist list, a tiny album thumbnail at the top points out the playing song letting the users switch back to the play controls no matter where he is in the interface.

Like any service, it has its limitations.  The User can not add any songs to Google Music from the app you could only listen to the songs that you have uploaded in your computer.