Google Is Stopping Health and PowerMeter Services

The search giant Google has declared that they are planning to drop services related to track energy use and health information from upcoming months.

Eventually the company has announced that both of the PowerMeter and Google Health project would soon be dropped and both of them would be taken offline. The PowerMeter project of Google will set to be retired on sixteenth September, while another service project Health will be ended from January 2012. Both of the service will end with such data which can even be assessed for one more year.

So, this service giant Google is now advising the users of both applications to download and save all the data before the retirement date that they have already saved there.

Google Health has been continuing its journey from May, 2008 and it is specially designed in such a secure way where users can easily put their medical history as well as prescription data simultaneously in a same location with multiple employees and health care provider.

Another service PowerMeter platform has been continuing its journey since the 2009 in order to track home energy use which is directly linked up with smart meters.

Google has also said that in the upcoming year the company is going to debut an API service which can even be able to allow home applications as well as third party software makers to be linked up with the platform of their own products.

The search giant Google has detailed in their official blog “The overall matters are based on more advanced ideas and better information, so people can easily make smart choice in order to manage personal wellness and health or saving conserving energy as well as money at home.”