Google Launches Mobile Publishing Tools All Over The World

The search giant Google has now updated its mobile products with the help of a new kind of services which lets brand optimize about their website for mobile users.

The online giant has also fixed its name already “Google Sites Mobile Landing Page”, which will give everyone the ability to create a website within a minute, not within a day, aside from that to do that the users need not to be learnt any coding experiences also.

The main aim of this free service is to take the attraction of many small businesses and in compatible with Google Analytics, so, the user can quite be able to measure total usage easily and apart from that they will simultaneously be able to connect with Google Checkout or other types of mobile commerce transaction provider.

Moreover, the Businesses can also use this service in order to link up with social networking platforms including Facebook, newly launched Google + and other services like Google Maps. In the official blog Google has stated that “We are launching this service in order to help industry capitalize on the mobile by releasing this kind of showcasing opportunity. Also this product will provide the people the tools to go mobile right now.”

At the earlier part in this week an announcement was made from the side of the Google, which stated that Google was now activating more than 500,000 Android devices per day. Google senior Vice Precedent of mobile made that announcement yesterday, in this regard he also stated that Android activation rates were growing 4.5% each week.

So, we are now expecting for furthermore announcement from this company related to this.