Google+ Loosing Popularity Already

After a very successful release, Google+ seems to be on a downward spiral and most of the factors affecting this gradual decline are being attributed to blunders by Google in the new social networking platform. When compared to the target that Google+ registered when it was launched in June this year, the traffic volume has suffered a decrease of 3%. Experian Hitwise, the online analysis firm, made the survey and reported results. The survey was conducted between 16th July and 23rd July.

Certain regulations that Google has employed on users of Google+ seems to have done the damage. The major factor is emphasis on the use of real name. While the company says that the real mane policy is for the benefit of friends, family and acquaintances, users seem to have more reasons for wanting to have a different user name or pseudo name. According to Google, the real name policy is also aimed at reducing spam and misuse of the platform for any kind of fraud and abuse.

Users who did go forward and used false names for their Google+ account found their account cancelled, including all the information stored in it being made inaccessible. The criticism that Google has garnered in this regard has been enormous, with furious queries flowing in from all parts of the globe. The hue and cry is more over the fact that Google cancelled accounts without prior notification. Although accounts were restored, the damage was more than done.

Among the different factors that have affected the popularity of Google+, refusal to accept pseudo names is being seen as the biggest blow. The Vice President of Google, Vic Gundotra has said that although the company does not require users to give in their full legal names, it is driven towards deleting false and abusive names. He also said that such stipulations are meant to uphold standards of the company. According to the vice president, this policy adopted by Google is akin to that of a restaurant that restricts entry of people trying to enter without shirts. This comment has drawn further flak from users.

Users disagree to this stipulation and call is meaningless. Whatever is the debate going on between Google and its users, the sufferer has been the newly launched platform Google+. This policy that takes away the freedom of anonymity that is most appreciated in social networking. The onward march of Google+ has considerably slowed down owing to this factor.