Google Releases Preview of Google TV Plug-In For Its Android Operating System

Google TV turned out to be a huge disappointment for users since it lacked certain crucial elements such as interesting content and a healthy user interface. Important programs from major television channels were not forecasted which resulted in a serous dip in patronage. The concept never took off to its full extent. Google now plans a revamp of its TV service and provided a preview of the new service on Monday. Android platform will now have a new Google TV plug-in, which will probably be better than its predecessor. The inclusion of Google TV apps signifies that you can enjoy Android app facilities on televisions as well.

This release also comes as a good news for app developers who can now begin to develop apps compatible for television sets. Google TV platform will these apps available in the update Android 3.1. According to Ambarish Kenghe, who is the Product Manager of Google TV, the adaptability of an android app to television platform will depend on its usage and design patterns. Changes may have to be made for some apps to make them compatible with television. The add-on is to be used as testing tool to check if the app will be suitable for television. This will let users know if changes are required in the design of the existing android apps.

Google plans to obtain various apps from develops and is providing guidelines that will provide the pattern of development. Interface manuals are being published, which will help developers design apps that will be compatible for ten-foot viewing and d-pad navigation. User interface components on Google television are different when compared to other devices that work on android. The company also aims at providing guidelines that will establish this differentiation and help developers create unique apps for Google television.

Google has been planning for a revamp of its television for sometime now. The first news about access to apps in Google TV was announced in May 2100, in the Google I/O developer’s conference. It is very likely that the new television app will prove to be much more useful, have a better user interface and make television programs from major channels available on the television. With all its plans of expansions and revamps, a new Google TV will fill the void and make full time entertainment available for users. As of now, Google android is going great guns and has registers a massive 56% increase in sales in the second quarter.