Google rescue developers from getting sued

Google now interferes with the intellectual property argument between smartphone application developers and a patent-holding firm.  It marks the first time for Google to defend Android coders from a patent troll court case.

The said company claimed that they already filed a request with the United States Patent and Trademark office Friday for reassessment of both patents, as stated by East Texas-based patent firm Lodsys.  Google had requested Lodsys to call the USPTO to measure whether or not the patents’ claims are legitimate.

Google senior vice president and general counsel Kent Walker say they already asked for   assistance from the US Patent office to reconsider two Lodsys patents, which are believe not to be issued in the first place.  Google supports the developers as the latter plays a crucial part in the Android ecosystem.

Currently, Lodsys is suing the 11 smartphone app developers for an alleged infringement of the two patents.  Lodsys added that the paten involves the use of in-app payments technology, allowing users to perform transactions in the context of an app itself.  Almost all the developers are using the in-app payments technology in their applications.

Staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Julie Samuels says reexamination can be used to keep the case going.  It is way cheaper than federal litigation that the average between two and five million dollars.

The fact that Lodsys had target application developers months in the past, the patent saga now is messy.  The firm’s original move was to send out a series of cease and desist letters to iOS and Android app developers in May.  The letter was a  threat, that Lodsys will seek legal action within a 21 day period, once developers are not going to negotiate, about the money they owe Lodsys for the licensing fee for the use of the technology.  The company now sues 11 developers belonging to the big and small companies.

Both Google and Apple have licenses for Lodsys’ patents, so Lodsys has no choice but to go after the little third party developers.  However, the litigation has already affected both Apple and Google.  Whether or not Lodsys wins its lawsuit, the threat of potential litigation for iOS and Android developers may cause them to think twice before developing apps for such platforms.

Intellectual property analyst, Florian Mueller says the strategy for both Apple and Google was to make their developers as happy as they could be.

Google has kept quiet over the issue though knowing that two of the developers  identified as defendants – Rovio, the Finnish development studio that creates the popular game Angry Birds, and Illusion Labs, a Swedish company that has introduced the game Labyrinth.