Google Shows How To Opt Out Of Its Location Database

Most recently for the owners of Wi-Fi networks Google has triggered an option of avoiding Google’s location database. Google was at the centre of discussion over the summer regarding the issue.

Now, let us understand how the whole process works and what can be done in order to prevent it. In an area of a couple of hundred feet the devices that have activated Wi-Fi connection can forward MAC address which is actually a unique hardware identifier to any device that is capable of reading the address. The work procedure of Google’s Android based smartphones is to pull together these identifiers and propel them back to the Google Location Server.

Google’s work is to process those data in order to deliver faster location detection facilities than those given by the GPS systems. But over the summer from some sources it was disclosed that Google’s location databases are available to public over internet. Moreover it also came under light that Google’s Street View cars not only take pictures along roadways they simply gather the locations of the Wi-Fi devices for better services. The search giant has pulled out their Street View cars from Germany. However, the specific reason behind the action is still unknown to us.

Google experts in their addressing today have offered the way how unwilling people can keep away their networks from being recorded. People in order to avoid Google’s location database just need to add the text “_nomap” before their Wi-Fi networks’ names. Just for instance if someone’s Wi-Fi network name is “billsinternet”, then he or she must use it like “billsinternet_nomap”.

However, it must be cleared to public that Google was not the only culprit that was collecting data but other reputed companies including Apple and Microsoft were also the passengers of the same boat.