Google Taking Over Motorola Will Not Effect Partners

The most talked about news of the day is about Google taking over Motorola. The next most speculated news is whether the take over will have any effect on other Google partners, mainly LG, HTC and Samsung, who have adopted Android for their major phones. Samsung has registered a growth of 365% in the second quarter, owing to the hike in sales of its Android powered Galaxy phones and tablets. With Google now having its own manufacturing unit, speculations are on whether Android will still remain an open source software. Some experts opine that the major Google partners might now switch over to other operating systems for their phones.

However, Google has said that no such limitations will be posed on Android and the software will still remain an open source one for use in all the gadgets of its partners. On the other hand, the partners of Google are unlikely to switch over to other operating systems because the choice is very limited and there is nothing that compares to Android in the present market scenario. Switching over to competitor’s operating system will bring a reduction in sales, which is something that the companies will definitely not want to happen.

The other operating systems available are Apple iOS and Windows Phone 7. Microsoft Phone 7 is a very unlikely option since the company formed a partnership with Nokia very recently. In view of the fact that Nokia is still the highest selling phone and brand in the world, it is unlikely that Microsoft will make a shift. Further, HTC and Samsung manufacture phones that run on Microsoft Windows 7 and the response to those phones is not great. In fact, it is not even close to the response that they get for Android phones. The other option that is available in HP WebOS. However, the performance of this operating system has been highly disappointing. BlackBerry operating systems developed by Research in Motion is also not an exceptional platform.

Although these phone manufacturers can develop their own operating system, it is unlikely to happen in the near future and not releasing new phones can be disastrous on the company. Considering all these factors and the fact that Google does not intend to cancel licenses to other phone manufacturer, it can be safely assumed that Android phones from HTC, Samsung and LG will be still available, at least in the near future.