Google TV will soon make its presence in UK

With its prominent presence in the PC and mobile worlds, Google is going to make its presence in TV world which will offer internet browsing. This service has already been launched in US. Accessed through a special set-top box, the service is due to launch in the UK within six months. The Google TV innovation will also mean that viewers can watch material from catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player on their main TV screen.

Google has confirmed that the Google TV connected television platform will be launched in the UK in early 2012. According to the company, Google TV will allow people to search all of the content on the TV and the internet by using a single click. The main objective behind Google getting into the television world is for advertisement. It wants to take its advertisement offline onto the TV sets, where it becomes a Web-enabled video player. It allows you to watch television channels in the usual way. You don’t have to worry about missing on anything. But it also gives access to YouTube and the whole web in addition to other apps.
Google TV

Google TV uses Google’s Android operating system and Chrome web browser to offer an interactive and internet-connected ‘smart TV’ experience, replete with apps, online TV guides, YouTube integration and everything you would expect from a merger between TV and the internet. Smart phones and iPhones can be used instead of a remote control for changing of channels. Viewers will be able to watch Google TV’s broadcast from BBC’s iPlayer and ITV Player with the use of a special set-top box. Viewers will be able to easily switch over from TV mode to Internet mode with a click of a single button becoming users from viewers. Isn’t that sounds interesting? Since the idea is interest-oriented for Google, the networks feel they are losing in the game. But for people, it is the best that they get, at least apparently.

A statement on the service’s official website claims Google TV will allow users to search across every channel, every app and the entire web, simultaneously. It’s an adventure where TV meets web, apps, search and the world’s creativity. Like Android, It will be an open software platform. From the start, it will be able to work with any TV, And before long, anyone will be able to build applications for it.