Google Unveiled Google Analytics Premium

A premium version of Google’s popular web analytic tool has now been unveiled by Google for providing the enterprise environments with a load of outstanding features. According to Google Analytic Blog the free users has already been upgraded to real – time data reports.

The free version was unable to fulfill many needs of a large number of customers. Accomplishing these needs of the large section of customers is the goal of the Google Analytics Premium. The premium service is being developed mainly focusing on three aspects, which are more data, evolved tools and dedicated support. The three aspects will cover up some specific functions. For instance, increase in data collection, more customer variables etc., including modeling tools that will enable the user to test various models for assigning credit to conversions, dedicated customer support of 24/7 with experts to customize installation and last but not the least guarantee for data collection, processing and reporting.

To make sure that the service satisfies the requirements of large clients the Google Analytics Premium has been put in a pilot segment with companies including Gucci, Travelocity, TransUnion and eHarmony. Although, users of United States, Canada and the United Kingdom can get the access the service for a fixed annual fee. But Google prefers users to contact them for a quote and that is why they did not announce any pricing for the service, the Forrester analyst Joseph Stanhope mentions that that the service will come in $ 150,000.

Google Analytic real – time will allow all of its users to know what exactly is happening on their site just in the way it happens. This is very much useful as well as impressing, because this feature will allow know the affect of social media to track down exactly where from the traffic is coming.