Google + Unveils Nine Brand New Features Except Invitation Only

Another brand new social networking website Google + has recently added nine brand new features that is completely being able to bring the key features by 100. This number in too much important, as with its help anyone now can easily sign up for Google +, without taking the help of other third party invitation.

Search giant Google was first introduced this social networking website in late June, but from then it was on an invite only basics – that can be considered as a field trial. With this social networking service the authority of Google + has said “We are still too far to compete with Facebook rival, but from last 12 weeks we have learnt a lot – that’s why we are now moving this project from field trial towards this new door project.”

By keeping link with that fact Google + has also introduced a Hangouts service in order to provide better connect with your friend – this service basically a video service, with the help of which you can easily keep touch up to 10 friends at once. More good news is that, this brand new video calling service is now available on cell phone also, but only Android 2.3 + users along with front facing cameras will now only be able to take the advantage of it.

Other interesting feature of this Hangout is Handouts On Air, with the help of which you can easily record as well as broadcast your session to a wider audience. Moreover from now their entire Hangout users will get the benefit of sharing their screen with other viewers also. Also, in this occasion this social networking giant Google + has released a basic set of Hangout API’s in order to build new games and applications for their users.

So, apart from anything it is true that this service has come out after being packed within a new rapper.