Google + Video Added Sign Language Feature

Google social network Google + has recently added an option named as “take the floor” – which will appear in the main video frame in spite of trying to make out what people are signing from a thumbnail, in short its guest users will get the benefit of watching anything more clearly and quickly.

In spite of that its activation is very much simple. Every user of it will get the option of mute their audio; moreover its voice activated features will switch towards the louder speaker, specifically who will make the most of the noise to the main video. Moreover, if you ever prefer to choose sign or something then you must have to press Shift + S at the same time, after that it will appear in the main frame window. With the help of this sing away features everyone will quiet being able to see exactly what they want.

More good news – once you have performed the floor any option,  you should be quiet relax, because no one will be quiet being able to take it for a next few seconds, on the other hand it also indicating no sign of clashes – as a result you can enjoy better experience that you want to see.

Along with few new features the quality of the video here has also been improved very much. With the sequence to the fact Chee Chew, director of Google +, has stated in a blog post “We are trying to improve the video quality and stability aggressively, that’s why this is a huge challenge to us to transmit 10 video feeds to 10 points around the world.”

Last but not in the list he has also added “We still have to do lots of improvement if we want to survive in this field and I can claim that few improvements have been done in the past few weeks.”