Google wants to kill Google Buzz

Google wants to close down Google Buzz.  The latter is another online social networking service that turns out to be a massive failure.

Based on the blog post on Google’s blog, Buzz is going to be shut down over the next few weeks.

Google believes that Buzz will not be missed.  Google Buzz can only be remembered as the social networking service that failed to match up against Facebook.

Google now focuses its social networking efforts on Google Plus, a 3 1/2 month-old service that has been capturing interest rapidly.  Currently, Plus has over  40 million users, and Google CEO Larry Page appears  confident that it  is going to become an effective weapon for contesting Facebook and its audience of 800 million users.

In a meeting  done on Thursday in discussing Google’s third-quarter earnings, Page promised the company will be creating more  of the company’s products into Plus so that the company could ensure that users get an “automagical” experience.

Buzz got into trouble as of the way Google related it to its email service.  After it got turned on, Buzz necessarily created social circles, which exposed users’ most frequent Gmail contacts for everyone to notice. That  transparency did not go over well with people whose contact lists built-in secret lovers, ex-spouses, doctors and prospective employers.

Google gave Buzz an overhaul, but it was too late for the social networking site.   Users and privacy watchdog are already outrage on the social networking site.

The upheaval got the attention of the Federal Trade Commission, reprimanding Google for the violation of its own privacy policies. Google apologized for its failure and entered into a settlement that require Google to submit its privacy program to independent audits yearly over the next two decades. The company, based in Mountain View, Calif., agreed in giving $8.5 million to Internet privacy and policy organizations in settling a class-action lawsuit filed by Gmail users.

According to Google Vice president, Bradley Horowitz, changing the world takes motivation on the future, and sincerity concerning the past.   They have learned a lot on Google Buzz and has put into work the Google Plus.

Buzz is going to join over 20 other products and services that Page has shut down since he replaced Eric Schmidt as CEO back in April.  Page want to work on a fewer project so that he could focus more.

So far, the strategy appears to be working.  Google third-quarter earnings increased from 26 percent to $2.7 billion in blowing past analyst estimates.