Google Wants To Speed Up Websites Using CDN

In the present days people visit many websites, but some of the contents of these website always delivered through a content delivery network, which in a nutshell the other name of CDN.

In general CDN is used to cache data in various geographic locations, that’s why you can easily access that data by reducing the access latency.

Akamai have been doing this work for ages, but due to the diminishing costs of the bandwidth as well as more accessible costs of running a data center in the past few years thousands of smaller companies have started to offer their CDN services for all kinds of websites, either it is large or small.

By keeping the link with the above fact Google obsession for speed has already taken the same concept to improve its own speed. That’s why they have now started for a beta test or CDN on steroids and named as Page Speed Server, which will also optimize the desired content at the time of fly.

In this matter the authority of Google have stated “We will rewrite your website pages by using this web performance based practice.” Which, on the other hand partially indicate, that Google is now trying to look into modifying JavaScript, optimizing images and other static files or gripping content in order to save you within their server CPU cycles with others.

This search giant (Google) has also claimed that by using it their speed has been improved from 25 percent to 60 percent, which sounds like impressive. They have also declared that in this matter they will also send a sample of your own website.

At present Google is offering this Page Speed Service to its small group of users for free with a limited time period. But, their main plan behind it is to charge a competitive rate for this service.