Google Warning to Searchers for Windows Malware Infection

Google warns individuals using its search engine

Google has issued an alert to its search engine users on the Windows OS about a distinct local malware that has been detected through the flow of traffic on its network. Several hundred of individuals have been exposed to the warning stating, “Your computer seems to be infected” on the top of the search results page. Although being warned about an infection is advisable, it is disconcerting to know that Google is aware of what is occurring on your computer.

Malware hijacks Google results

However, Google is not aware of the applications installed in your computer except the ones that are used to access the services of the company. In case Google identifies the malware on your computer, it is the result of an infection that hijacks the search results of a Google search query. The malware transmits the search traffic to other websites for payments.

Google warnings have been given for several years

The Company has warned its users about web sites that appear on its results page for possible compromise as a result of malware. However, this is the first instance when Google is utilizing its knowledge of the online traffic to identify malware that may affect the computers of its users. According to the company’s security engineer, the team found high traffic during a regular maintenance check on one of its data centers. This was discovered to be the result of malicious software found on the computers.

The working of the malware

The malware that affects Windows computers sends traffic to Google through alternative servers. The Company is monitoring such traffic and issuing a warning to users that their computers may possibly be infected. According to the Company officials, thousands of machines across the world have been infected and Google has issued warnings to several hundred users. The origin of the malware is one the hundreds of fake antivirus software programs that are available. However, the company is unaware of the specific fake software that is used.

Users advised to scan their machines

The Company warns its users that they use their present installed antivirus software to scan their machines. In addition, Google advises its users to be wary of any fake antivirus software that claims to rectify the infection on their machines. Finally, if the licensed software fails to rectify the malware, the Company provides manual instructions to users to eliminate the threat.