Google Will Close Buzz Service

According to the latest post on the Google official blog that Google is now planning to put a full stop to its online social networking service Buzz within the coming few weeks. Not that Buzz was very popular among users. Google launched it 20 months ago in attempt to give a tough competition to Facebook in social networking field.

Currently Google is working on to design its newly introduced social networking site Google Plus. Google Plus was introduced three and a half months ago and it owned a pretty good number of members at a lightning speed. There are already 40 million users who are using the Google Plus to connect to their social networking life. Google CEO Mr. Larry Page asserted that Google Plus would soon be a threat to Samsung instead of Samsung’s having 800 million users.

While disclosing the Company’s third quarter earnings Mr. Page promised that the company would incorporate more and more new features and apps so that the users could enjoy an “automagical experience”. Although he promised that the Google Plus would bring a new world of experience to the users the Buzz users are feeling let down.

Buzz lost its popularity, because it was associated with Gmail in such a way that after activation it automatically bundled a social circle and revealed the users’ secret contacts to public. This disturbed some of the users who wanted to keep their personal contacts in secret. However Google brought changes in that character of Buzz, but the privacy watchdogs already noticed the fault. They accused that Google violated its own privacy policies and make Google to apologize for that.

Probably that is why Google thought about the option of closing the social networking site and please their users with Google Plus and its features.