Google+ With 50 Million Users Challenging Facebook

The world’s number one internet search engine Google has grown up from a mere search engine to a company that also offers the facility of social networking that resulted in a huge growth of over 43 million users, which is gradually approaching to 50 million users. Most recently since Google has announced the nine new Google+ features, it completed a round number of total 100 key features.

The giant search engine’s social network was launched as a trial in the late June 2011 but only on invitation basis. Now the most attracting feature among the nine new key features of Google+, the number 100 that allows everyone to sign in, overcomes the previous limitation of invitation only. Since opening the social networking site to public, Google+ is seemed to overcome its shortcomings with social networking and rose to be the eighth largest social network (according to the survey of Web analytics firm Hitwise). Google+ even saved the third position for a while just after the opening of its social networking site to public last week.

Google+ also emphasizes on video that can be indicated as a triumph over its leading competitor Facebook. “Hangout”, one of the popular key features of Google+ along with its various specs, is now allowing 10 people at a time to communicate with video. Moreover the recent implementations that Facebook has made to its features are not accepted at a large scale by its users mainly because of their complicated character while Google+ has a relatively simple layout which has been preferred by most of the social network fans.

It is rumored that the day of official announcement was not selected randomly. Google+ made its announcement just two days before the Facebook’s annual f8 conference that leads to the suspicion that Google has tricked to fetch some of the Facebook users.

From its launch to the last week Google+ grew up rapidly with an increasing hype of users and Google+ is still in its infancy. It indicates to the possibility that Google+ will be one of the top ranked social networking site very soon, giving a tough competition to its rivals.