Google’s New Translation App To Translate 14 Languages

Till date Apple and Windows 7 has offered their users the facility to instruct their mobile handsets in their normal voice tone. But now it is time to expect more. Google has announced that they are going to introduce a new app for Android that will enable the mobile handsets to interpret for their users.

Google has already offered an app for Android that could translate English to Spanish. But now Google is coming with an offering of translating 14 languages in all including Brazilian, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian and Turkish. Jeff Chin, who is a project manager at Google has asserted that this service will make the Android more user friendly and satisfy the Android users more and more. That is a great progress for Google to be promoted to the ability of translating 14 languages from only English and Spanish.

All that the Android phone users have to do is to speak to the microphone of their Android supported mobile handset and the later task will be done by the Translation App. It will read the users language and translate it into the wanted language. That is not all. Here is more – when the person on the other side of the phone will deliver his words the phone’s Translation App will read it and speak it to the user translating it into the speaker’s language.

But it must keep in mind that the app is in its Alpha stage and yet to go through many tests. That’s why it has been declared at the company’s side that in that stage some early stage problems like sound in accuracy may occur. But the company has also promised that they will soon overcome all the problems depending on user’s feedback.

Users can download the app from Android market and they can run it on their tablets and mobiles which offer Android 2.2 and later ones.