Green Technology on the Rise

United Nations reports increase in use of Renewable energy

The United Nations Organization has reported in its latest release that the use of renewable energy is on the rise in the United Stated. New technology is being developed and new plants are coming up that produce energy using renewable sources like solar and wind. The report also said that the increase in the percentage of use of renewable energy is 32%. The total turns over in the leading producer and consumer of renewable energy in the world, China, is $211 billion in the year 2010. The report was released in 7th of July, Thursday.

Natural power generation picks up momentum

The Environment Program of the United Nations said in its report that although environmental talks between nations is not going on an optimistic note, the use of degradable sources of energy is picking up momentum. Developing energy conserving and natural energy generation techniques are on the rise in order to combat the increase in global temperature and reducing the emission of gases that trap gas and heat up the atmosphere.

China leads in investments on renewable energy, USA ranks second

While China is the leading country in terms on allocating funds for generating environmentally friendly energy, United States comes next. In the year 2010, China used $48.9 billion on developing such energy while United States invested $23.8 billion. In terms of pollution and contribution to increase in global warming, these countries rank top in the world.

Wind technology on top

According to the report by United Nations, the cost of installing renewable energy sources is reduced considerably in the past few years. The reduction in cost of producing solar energy has been calculated as 60%. The cost of generating energy through wind has reduced by 18%. Wind power is rising in usage. In 2010, $95 billion was invested in producing wing energy. $86 billion was spent on solar power generation. Several European countries are increasing their production of renewable energy owing to the discounts provided by their respective governments.

Technology being developed to generate energy from biomass and waste

The investment that has gone into developing renewable energy from biomass and waste is $11 billion. Green technology development is on a steady rise and United Nations has commended the effort by different countries. Citizens are urged to use more energy conserving resources despite the failure of international environmental summits like the Copenhagen Summit in 2009.