Hacker gets Sentenced for sexually harassing Girls Online

A physically disabled person from Southern California got six years imprisonment for harassing girls and women online.  The defendant is said had infiltrated the victims’ computer by using malicious software.  He then used the computer to search for racy photos of the victim.  Each time he discovers any racy photo he use it to blackmail the victims to send him more nude pictures.

According to U.S. District Judge George King the defendant’ Luis Mijangos, 32, of Santa Ana can be considered as a form of cyber-terrorism and advised other hackers they will meet severe penalties for ruining the lives of other people.

King explains that the society got to know that getting engage in this act is no joke.  They are going to jail for doing some unlawful.

Mijangos, who asserted himself as guilty to one count each of computer hacking and wiretapping in March, from upon hearing the sentenced that King had given him.  Tears began falling on Mijangos’s  eyes as he says sorry to all the victims of his malicious act.

According to authorities, Mijangos sent malicious software  hidden in  popular songs or videos to his victims’ computers, which also unsuspectingly sent by women and teenage girls to their friends and family.  In all, Mijangos criminally have gain access and could control over 100 computers.

He stalks his victims by reading anything in the email, watched them through web cams unknowingly and even worst when he finds nude photos they had taken of themselves. Mijangos then used the nude photos by threatening to post the images online except his victims ready to supply him with more racy photos or videos.

There is one instance where he uses the social media, Myspace to threaten his victim to send more nude photos to him.

The 35-year-old woman, known only by her initials G.M., spoke at the sentencing, telling all the torment that she had undergone because of Mijangos forced her to send nude photos. The woman, whose job is an auditor, said Mijangos terrorized her to release more naked pictures or Mijangos will send the nude photos to her employer and added that each time she used the computer at work, he would bother and threaten her.

Prosecutors were seeking a seven-year imprisonment sentence for Mijangos, while a probation report suggested a two-year term. The maximum he could have a deal with for the two counts that he admitted guilty to was 10 years.

King said he saw the seriousness and complexity of Mijangos’s “personal crime wave” and the fact that the defendant decided to used his talents as a computer programmer to abuse girls online.