Hidden Features Of iOS 5 Discovered

Apple introduced their latest iOS 5 a few months ago. Some genius developers most recently have disclosed some hidden unique features of iOS 5. Those features include an autocorrect bar for the onscreen keyboard which reminds about an almost similar feature of Android and a special feature for the iOS camera app, called the panorama picture mode. It has been mentioned that both the features will be available on iPad or iPhone but after following certain primary steps.

The credit of discovering the autocorrect bar feature goes to Mr. Sonny Dickson who is an iOS hacker on Thursday morning. The autocorrect bar reminds so much of Android that experts are on the side to describe it as a production feature of Apple. Users can start up with the feature by simply editing a .plist file. For editing the file they will have to follow some simple and easy steps.

The second hidden feature has been discovered on Monday by Mr. Conrad Kramer who is an iOS developer. Before that iPhone and iPad already had apps that offered the panorama mode for photos. But still discovering such a hidden feature is no doubt great news.

Users will need to follow the below mentioned steps to activate the autocorrect mode:

  • The device must possess a program that can influence the iBackupBot like iPhone or iPad back up features
  • Go to the latest back up using the loaded software
  • Inside the backup feature follow the instructed path – /Library/Preferences/com.apple.keyboard.plist
  • Saving the file
  • Restoring the back up

Thus another .plist file will be edited.

To start up with the panorama mode users will need to follow the below mentioned steps:

After following the first two mentioned steps, users are instructed to

  • Direct to /Library/Preferences/com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist
  • Edit the file to EnableFirebreakYES under the   DiskSpaceWasLow value
  • Then follow the last two steps mentioned in the former chart.