HP Going To Try Luck In Windows 8 Tablets

The giant computer manufacturing company Hewlett Packard abbreviated as HP has most recently announced that they are going to launch their Windows 8 Tablets very soon. HP’s faithful customers will have to wait till Microsoft launches its latest Operating System Windows 8. HP lovers who were a little disappointed with HP as the company did not declare anything certain about their newly planned WebOS mobile operating system may be hopeful and happy again after the announcement.

After the company eliminated its chances of selling out its PC business the new CEO Meg Whitman announced the planning of launching the new Windows 8 Tablets. She has also stated that they are soon going to introduce a new line up of outstanding tablets that will create a milestone in the history of personal computing and she has also mentioned that it is not very late for HP to try their luck again in personal computer and tablet making business.

She has also assured that HP will be found building up a less number of products than before but with a better quality. She felt that HP was shooting out a huge number of products every year and getting puzzled which sometimes led them to make compromises in product quality. While sharing her personal views Meg Whitman has mentioned that she does not believe in making too many numbers of ordinary products rather than making a handful of excellent products. Following that strategy HP will not be found launching any new product before this November.

There is a rumor in the market that HP is going to give the responsibility of the PC business to their ex CEO Leo Apotheker. But the investors do not seem to be very happy with it because it was the new CEO Meg Whitman who pushed up the HP PC market when Apotheker almost lost the battle