HP is desperate in increasing their sales

Hp tries to increase sales.  The company already tried everything that would make their goal possible.

HP has lowered the price of tablet’s price. Over the weekend, the company cuts the price of its new tablet by $100 if purchased through HP’s web store and other contributing retailers, causing the price of the TouchPad go down by as much as $400 and $500 for the 16GB and 32GB versions, correspondingly.

HP endeavor lead to using rebates. It is the considered as the company’ first time to offer a rebate for those, who are early enough to buy Touchpad.   Furthermore, those who bought the unit when  first introduced back in July even get a discount of $50 from the original price.

Hp also bundles the unit with some software to promote sales.  During the launch of the touchpad, HP partnered with Box.net to be able to offer 50 GB of free-cloud storage, amounting to $240 annually value.

hIt is clear that Hp is pretty desperate as they have tried many ways to improve their sales over the few months.

In an open email, Forrester research analyst Sarah Rotman says consumers are not ready to buy the Touchpad at the price HP is offering, so HP has lowered the to attract more sales.  Though cutting the price would do the trick, but it left HP with an undermine effort on marketing to premium iPad competitors.

As part of the company’s newest effort to raise the sale this year, HP is going to send $50 of credit to anyone, who is going to buy their product in dates between July 1 and August 4.  It is an effort to encourage support for the webOS side coming from the side of the consumer.  Hp believes that if they could get so many touchpad owners to buy apps, app developers would tend to make many apps for touchpad.

The company also tries to strengthen its application ecosystem coming from the developer side, by launching the “webOS certified developers program,” it is a promotional transaction for a developer who wants to be known. The program includes referrals and more visibility for the new develop, who  does not have the chance of getting noticed without the help of leading companies.

A HP spokeswoman told wired.com that they have seen great interest for developers to have their own apps on the Touchpad.  Currently, the company has more than 600 Touchpad and about 9,000 total apps available via the webOS app catalog.