HP kills webOS devices, sheds PC unit and looking forward to buy £7bn Autonomy to grow big

Hp is now all set to expand its enterprise software and services play by dropping its PC unit and ending up its webOS devices and offering a multibillion offer for Autonomy. HP has made this clear by announcing its willingness to buy Autonomy on Thursday for £25.50 a share or £7bn to be precise. HP has many surprises for its customers and the mobile and PC market.

Autonomy which was founded by its present CEO Mike Lynch in 1996 and which lists the likes of Nestle, Coca-Cola and Standard Life as its customers now recommended that its share holders should have acceptance of the order and it is expected that the deal would close by the end of this year or before. HP says, this acquisition would boost up its cloud offerings and will also support the abilities for data analytics, the cloud, industry potentials and workflow management. Additionally it is expected to add worthy IP in vertical markets like healthcare. According to HP, it will also support its traditional printing business by the continuous development of document and content management and high value commercial printing opportunities.

Although the business will run separately but Lynch will also continue to head Autonomy and report to HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker, said Apotheker. He added, this is definitely a great moment because there is a need for the customers to address explosion of structured as well as unstructured info. He also said that like we see the business info transformation and corresponding market offers, Autonomy sees it in a much similar way. The business of Autonomy is so aligned that it very well addresses HP’s efforts to change and concentrate our business mix.

HP is also taking steps to determine its future aspects as well. This is evident from HP’s concern about the future of its personal computing business, declaring a possible spin-off of its consumer PC unit and killing its webOS hardware business. Now HP is presently exploring its choices for personal systems business, which is expected to 12 to 18 months, which also includes examining the results of separating its PC business into a separated company by spin off or any other transaction.  HP also clarified its intention to kill off its webOS device unit; TouchPad tablet being one of its latest offering. When consumers changing the use of PC, so should the companies need to think.