HP’s X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse Arrives In Market

HP has most recently brought in market their latest device the X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse, which at the same time has wireless connectivity and touch-sensitive technology. The mouse has a stylish slick look with an uncommon curve, arcing to the right side. However HP does not seem to think about the left handed people while designing the mouse.

HP introduced their Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse in the first half of the year. According to customer review it works pretty well. In spite of having weak click sense on the left and the right keys people seem to be satisfied with the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse. HP has incorporated the same technology in the X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse. The mouse is able of connecting directly to notebooks wireless connection without any Bluetooth or USB dongle.

Moreover the X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse has the same strip feature like the Explorer Touch Mouse of Microsoft. With the technology it will allow its users to surf through web pages very fast by just flicking their fingers on the mouse. Other than these the mouse is associated with an adjustable laser sensor, six programmable buttons, rubber side grip and Teflon feet. The mouse will provide nine months battery life. To use the mouse users have to install Windows 7.

The mouse is a full size package because it will come in 4.86-inches (L) x 3.52-inches (W) x 1.83-inches (H) dimension. So it is not something which can be fit in your travel bag. The mouse can also be used with a traditional desktop if it has an installed wireless card in it.

Users can purchase the X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse from HP’s online store in just $ 59.99. So people who are interested just buy and start to use them without wasting any more time.