iCloud Free Service For Mac OS X Lion Users

According to a report that comes out earlier part of this week it can be stated that the company of Apple could be set to offer its certain parts of the new iCloud service totally free to the Mac users who already make up their mind to upgrade to OS X 10.7 Lion. The brand of iCloud is already being set to encompass the Apple’s new existing service which has already been included with the e-mail, remote file storage service and the synchronizing of the contacts, bookmarks as well as the calendar.

In this regard Apple Insider sources also demand that the Cupertino is now fully prepared in order to offer this promotion purpose of iClod service which is now currently being worth near about $99 per year from those users who at present wants to buy an “aggressive price range” version of the brand new Mac OS 10.7 Lion. The report also stated that the Lion could might have been even cheaper in spite of the £26 price-tag of its predecessor versions. Snow Leopard can be said especially on that time when it entirely purchased from the Mac App stores.

No free streaming on access:
Lion and iCloud also the iOS 5 will totally be unveiled to buy public at the WWDC on the Monday in the city of San Francisco. Additionally the Apple Insider reports also pointed out that the entire music streaming part of the brand of iCloud will not come totally free with Lion, though there may be an introductory period on the starting which may enable user to take the best advantages of this service for totally free.