Information Technology & Communication- A tool to modernize learning

Advantages of using ICT:

One of the most obvious advantages and most important is the motivation, students normally use ICT resources are very motivated which leads at first that the student is more willing to learn, this motivation that students will have more attention commissioning activity and thus may reinforce the objectives to be achieved. The latter will bring another advantage that will increase participation by students which will encourage the development of initiatives since the ICT activities involves the constant decision-making to the computer’s responses to their actions, the interaction is constant and therefore develops individualized and creative work.This will bring the required constant feedback means immediate responses and actions of users, which will enable learners to identify their mistakes once they occur and the program offering activities almost immediate trial and error. The assets are constantly interacting with the computer so you maintain a high degree of involvement in the activity.

Another advantage will be the communication channels provided by the Internet to facilitate contact between students and teachers. Increased communication between teachers and students, making it easier to ask questions when they arise, as well as educational work done with a computer can obtain a high degree of interdisciplinary because a large storage capacity allows a wide range of activities and at expands both our means of education, opening the daily range with the constant development of technology.

ICTs are also ideal for group work, so they cause the exchange of ideas, cooperation and development of the child’s personality, making her time between group members seeking a solution to a problem share information and therefore act as a team, the activity almost find that boredom will not come and therefore the educational process more pleasant.

Disadvantages of using ICT:

One of the main problems will be the dispersion of information mainly due to the huge amount of content they find on the net, which can lead students to deviate from the main objectives of the activity, and greatly complicate reaching the goal to find what we want, because when we employ a search engine that would leave many sources to give students guidance on how to find and select the content they want to reach them really.

Sometimes the information we could find no reliable, there are many pages where the content is not scientific or simply matters of opinion, the same Wikipedia, widely used, may contain content wrong because anyone can edit the pages. The tendency of students to cut the time may come to abuse the copy and paste function, so we must make an extraordinary effort to prevent this deviation from our target. The computer can also get tired or bored by their excessive use, which lose the most important benefit is the motivation.

We wanted to point out here the most important advantages and disadvantages in the use of ICT in the continued use will find many little nuances that add to the work of every day, but as a final summary to say that in general terms will always be much more the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, will direct the work of teaching our students to work first.