Install PC Linux from a USB Drive

Burning disks images either CD/ DVD has not a day’s become a quite rarity. Moreover any disk images that we require can be easily mounted just by using a virtual disk tools like Demon tools or Virtual Disk tools. But these tools have also a limitation range. You cannot use this outside the operating system. But there is an easy process to do that and you can also do that easily.

Suppose you want to install any Linux operating system in your computer such as: Ubuntu, Mint or Fedora. Then you have to burn a CD / DVD for that operating system. This is also quiet expensive too. So in this matter you may use Unetbootin. It is a very simple software as well as free ware, which can also help you to write a disk image inside your pen drive as well as external hard disk by making a boot sector there. Moreover this has also an advantage, if any files of the disk images has been missing from there it will download it automatically from the internet.  Now I know you must think how you can get that. Need not to be worry it is a freeware, there’s a lots of website from which you can download that.


  • Plug-in your pen-drive into the USB of your PC.
  • Format your pen drive.
  • Choose the disk image from the distribution list.
  • Or you may choose the disk images from the hard disk or any other location of your storage.
  • Then do select the pen drive letter and hit on the OK button.
  • Wet till the process will complete.
  • After that reboot your computer.
  • Now select your boot option as pen drive, that’s why operating system can boot from your pen drive.
  • As the transferring rate of the data is too much faster than CD / DVD so operating system gets installed from it too much faster than earlier.
  • So just do it and enjoy.

[Note: In this matter your pen drive capacity must be larger than the size of the operating system.]