Intel Confirmation For Dual Edition Of Windows 8

The company of Intel has already let it’s slip for a few Windows 8 tablets that includes the fact which describes there will be some editions that will run on ARM processors as well as versions that requires Intel’s same clips. Renee James, Head of the Intel Software Business expanded at Investor Meeting 2011 that this new edition of Microsoft “Windows 8 ARM edition” will be tailored to the Windows 8 tablets and Mobile devices.

James also said “Windows 8 tradition” version must be the desktop version that will run on the Intel’s X86 architecture that may include a Windows 7 mode.”

Confusable thing:

She also described that “Windows 8 traditional” directly indicates that our customers or common users who has already used this Intel-Based or X86 based product will completely be able to run this either in Windows 7 mode or in Windows 8 mode.  In spite of that they also quite be able to run their old files as well as application without any issue.

She also added “On ARM, they will have to face the new experience which is very specifically like the mobile experience, some limited clamshell as well as very specifically around the tablet without using any legacy OS.” After that James also described “Our competitors will not have to run any legacy applications, not ever, not now.”

“We think that we all have done our best work, so we think that we are now at an extraordinary positioned in Windows 8.”