IPhone 4S owners frustrated with Battery Problem

Following the launch of the IPhone 4S, Apple fans greeted the device with record sales.

However, not all consumers were happy with their new iPhone since some of them faced with the fact that their iPhone has a problem with the battery.

Charles Arthur at the Guardian reports that Apple engineers are trying to identify the problem regarding the rapidly-draining battery on the 4S.

Currently, the problem is still a mystery. Even Siri, the new device’s hit voice-driven digital assistant, also faced with the same problem.

Apple Insider notes that when it got unveiled beforehand this month, Apple asserted that the iPhone 4S had a growth to battery talk time of eight hours. But, backup battery time, when contrasted to the previous-generation iPhone 4, promoted at 100 hours less.” In fact, the new device faced with fewer standby hours compared to the original iPhone that got introduced back in 2007.

Erick Schonfeld shares his personal experience with the 4S at TechCrunch: He claims that his iPhone died after 8 hours since he last charge the battery. It did not even last within a full day of recharging. To think that it was not 8 hours of constant use (unless you count the constant pinging of notifications, which may be the culprit). The 8 hours total started from the time he unplugged the device the morning and at 4PM the same day, he noticed that the screen goes black.

He added that battery life is one of those things that are hard to notice until you can not use your cellphone anymore because of lack of power.

The Apple forums are talking about the issue and some possible answer to the problem.

Glad to see people are talking about this,” iPhone owner ‘telarium’ says. “My 4S battery life is terrible… even worse than my 3GS, even though all the settings are the same.”

In an effort to resolve the problem, Apple has reached out to some lucky iPhone owners.

One owner told the Guardian that Apple engineers asked him to install a monitoring program so that they could try to diagnose the problem.

An owner, who got in touch with Apple told the Guardian: The battery life was extremely poor — 10 percent drop in standby hourly. He noticed that the usage figure was more or fewer half that of standby, even when the phone got never used. He assumed that something was running in the background. He had switched off all the new features that include Siri and location services, but it does not resolve the issue. He then tried setting up a clean phone with no apps, but it is still running poorly.