Iphone 5 Assembling To Start from Late August

After months of continuous speculation, the news about the imminent iPhone 5 is out. Apple is to begin assembling the next generation smart phones from late august. This new revelation is in contrast to the speculation that phone will begin to be assembled from the third quarter this year. Following a meeting in Taiwa, during the bygone week, Katy Huberty, an analyst with Morgan Stanley disclosed this fact through a note to all the clients. Huberty confirmed that the iPhones will begin to be produced by late august. It was also suggested that Apple expects the sale of iPhone 5 to beat every other smart phone in the market.

IPhone 5 to be available by late fourth quarter

Owing to this revelation, it is now being projected that the new iPhones will be available in the market by late third quarter. Morgan Stanley has projected a seventy two million instruments sale for the new iPhone. However, contrary to the previous forecast, about two million iPhones are predicted to sell in the fourth quarter. Nevertheless, if Apple manages to bring iPhone 5 into the market in the first half of September, it would be in contrast with this low estimate.

Apple TV and low range iPhones in line

The analyst continued that the rumors regarding an Apple television and a lower range smart phone may actually be true. Next year, in 2012, Apple is set to bring out its television. Owing to the rise in competition and the number of companies manufacturing iPhones, a price cut can possible be a trick to keep sales high. If the television comes into the market, then Apple will gain an additional $19 billion. A smart television like a smart phone can bring a revolution in the world of televisions, just like it did in the smart phone market. The television will probably be television powered by an operating system.

Apple pressurizing suppliers to provide discounts

Interesting news from the house of Apple is that the company has asked for a ten percent discount from the different suppliers who supply parts for iPhone. The reason attributed to this interesting request is an increase in the volume of orders. In fact, several companies have reported that Apple has been positively pressuring them to slash their rates.