iPhone 5 speculations, iPad real competitors and Child hacker- all on The Weekly Round-Up

Starting the Round-Up with some Apple, people around the country and many interwebs and tech journalists and bloggers are waiting for the next generation iPhone to hit the stores which the company has not yet confirmed when. According to the iPhone 5 speculations, the phone will comprise of new enclosure with 4 inch screen and an 8 mega pixel camera. Whether it will be iPhone 5 or 4G or 4GS, it is not sure until its launch in September or October this year. When asked from the people about their expectations from this new iPhone, many of them asked for good battery life and sleek body. Better camera and water proof body were also some answers but did not come for many mouths. There are people who will ready switch to new iPhone 5 and few will wait for some months to get the reviews. In any case, Apple will surely seek the advantage!

Next on Rod-Up is a 10 year old hacker named CyFi- what she loves to be called- has found an exploit in one of the popular mobile games on which the researchers have concurred to the new level of vulnerability. While playing farm style game she felt ennui in moving from one level to another so she changed the time and forced the game to move ahead. CyFi did not reveal the games which she found vulnerable to such a flaw and kept the names to herself which is surely something beyond her age. This is something advanced and trendy what the children of present age look up to for their leisure time and fun and do not restrict themselves to just playing in the woods.
iphone 5

Ending up from where we started, here is another news from the Apple world. While iPad continues to rest at the zenith of all tablet computers, it will soon face the competition both in market dominance and style. First competitor is Pierre Cardin’s PC 7006. Though a dull name, it has got some extraordinary features and looks- 1.3 megapixel front camera, Wi-Fi and 3G support- at the modest rates in UK. The second challenger in this league is Amazon’s Kindle which is reviewed by the silicon.com’s technology guru and has listed five strong points about Kindle over iPad which could help you in deciding one for you.