iPhone 5 Will Appear On October 15

A genuine report is now said that Stephane Richard, France Telecom CEO has stated that iPhone 5 will be released on 15th October. The entire remark has come into the entire limelight while Stephane Richard has said that during an interview of a local business channel at the time of attending a business conference earlier this week.

Though, before that many rumors have been formed regarding its launching date and specification, but none of the CEO of any major telecom company has said anything about this yet, so from that point it is now creating a big challenge in the market.

Richard has said “It is true that iPhone 5 will be released on 15 October and here is no doubt with that.” But he has not said anything about the source from where he has got this information.

The matter of fact is the observers of Astute have quickly realized that fact – because 15 th October falls on a Saturday, which is not the proper day for Apple to launch their product. But apart from that it is true that Apple’s Wi – Fi version of iPad was released on April 3, 2011, which was Saturday. So, if we take a sharp look on that point then we can find that a weekend launch could lead that iPhone products towards a stronger initial sales – because at that time many consumers would be off from their existing work and free to wait and watch what will launch exactly – also this will be a very good day for them to shop this product from local wireless providers or Apple retails stores.

Though, in this matter CapitalVue has reported in this similar news earlier that China Telecom has already started to take orders for the upcoming next generation iPhone 5, which they are expecting to launch somehow at the end of this September.